Aleksandra Lubiniecka

Graduated from University of Warsaw, Master of Applied Linguistics. Translator of legal and business texts.

She offers services in the field of oral and written translation covering legal and business texts. Within her specialization she translates among other things precedural writs, legal opinions, judgements of ordinary courts of law and of the Supreme Court in Warsaw, documents of commercial law including resolutions and minutes of the bodies of companies of commercial law.

Cooperation with Aleksandra Lubiniecka enables the Law Firm to provide legal services also with use of French and Portuguese.


Helena Lubiniecka

Graduated from Wrocław Academy of Economics and Postgraduate Studies in Accounting and Taxes at WSB School of Banking in Poznań.

Helena Lubiniecka acts as a financial advisor offering knowledge and experience in accounting and taxes.

Kancelaria Adwokacka Lubiniecka Wrocław